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Hiking Trails Near the Boardman River

10.5 miles through Traverse City, paved
hike, bike, xc-ski
(trail map - pdf)

3 miles partially circling lake, paved & hard-pack
hike, bike,xc-ski
(trail map - png)

1.5 miles trail connects to GTNER (below) hard-pack dirt
hike, bike, xc-ski
(trail map - pdf)

6 linear & loop trails along the river, hard-pack dirt w/boardwalks
hike, xc-ski
(trail map - pdf)

1300-acres, 6 miles of hard-pack dirt trails w/boardwalks
hike, xc-ski
(trail map - jpg)

11 miles near the Upper Boardman, dirt & sand trails
hike, bike, xc-ski
(trail map - jpg)

7 miles of dirt trail through the river valley
hike, bike, xc-ski
(trail map - png)

560-acres w/3+ miles of hilly dirt trails
hike, bike,xc-ski
(trail map - jpg)

47-acres, undeveloped dirt trails along the S. Branch of the Boardman River
hike, xc-ski
(boundry map - pdf)

4,600 miles through 7 states, dirt trail
hike, xc-ski & limited biking

77-acres, undeveloped dirt trails
hike, xc-ski
(boundry map - pdf)

111-acres, marked trails at the headwaters of the S. Branch of the Boardman 
hike, xc-ski

Local Trail Tips

2) Stay on trails to protect yourself, pets & the natural beauty of NW Michigan
3) Always be aware that bearscougars & other wildlife live here, too
4) Carry a compass & map; many areas have limited (or no) cell phone coverage
5) Bring a trash bag to carry out your own and any you find

Many trails in Northern Michigan are mixed use, 
kindly share the trail

YIELD the right of way 
to those passing you from behind or traveling uphill.
Motorized vehicles yield to mountain bikes, runners, hikers and horses.
Mountain bikes yield to runners, hikers and horses.
Runners and hikers yield to horses. 

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