Lone Pine Trail Head

The Lone Pine Trail is a barrier-free trail with beautiful views of the Boardman River; it is located within the Grand Traverse Educational Reserve on Keystone Rd, just south of Hoch Rd.

The trail is an easy, paved 3/4 mile each way, and although it is designated as barrier-free, there are some gentle inclines & steep banks at the rivers edge. 

A short ways from the start there is a set of steps that leads to a viewing platform & a sandy beach area. 

This is the last take-out before reaching Boardman Dam at Cass Road; this is NOT a launch site. (the 2x4 remnants of the old launch can be seen the photo above)

Due to the dams removal project, the Boardman and Sabin Ponds are being drawn down which has also lowered the river to a more natural level.

The next public launch is just below Sabin Dam at the Nature Center on Cass Rd.

There is a small paved parking area & leashed dogs are welcome.

Trail Map (pdf)

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