Brown Bridge Quiet Area

The Brown Bridge Quiet Area provides more than 6 miles of trails through 1300 acres along the upper Boardman.  This treasured preserve surrounds the 're-born' stretch of the river where, for nearly 100 years, Brown Bridge Pond was created & held by Brown Bridge Dam, both were removed in 2012.

Several hundred yards past the canoe launch entrance there is a "Seasonal Parking" area that was once the boat launch for the pond.

There's a big, shady parking area, a barrier-free viewing platform & vault toilet in season.

The entrance to the "Seasonal Parking" area is directly across from Wadsworth Rd (a 2-track), which is several hundred feet east of the canoe launch parking area.
Buck's Landing was once the boat launch on Brown Bridge Pond; the hill was part of the earthen dam and the power plant sat near the fenced area; the river is just out of sight down the hill. 

There are several other places to park along Brown Bridge Rd to access the trails, in addition, there are 3 parking lots on Ranch Rudolf Rd, 1 of which is reserved for handicap parking.

Some of the trails on Ranch Rudolf Rd follow a high ridge overlooking the river & provide platform overlooks with beautiful views of the Boardman River - 're-born'

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