Medalie Park

Medalie Park is located on the southern shores of Boardman Lake and can be accessed on the north side of  S. Airport Rd at Logan's Landing.

This is a popular park for bird watching or launching a kayak or canoe to explore the lake. The park is also the southern terminus of the Boardman Lake Trail which begins with a meandering loop through the park and then continues up the east side of the lake after crossing the wooden bridge over the Boardman River.

Picnic pavilion & restrooms
This little roadside park is where the Boardman River enters Boardman Lake (after passing through culverts under S Airport Rd); the park is known for an abundance of waterfowl.

Visitors can enjoy a covered picnic pavilion (w/restrooms) several benches, fishing platforms and a large parking area in addition to several lakeside parking spots on a small loop.

The Boardman Lake Trail, 1 of several TART Trails, begins at Medalie Park & hugs the shore of the lake as it travels north to Hull Park and connects with the main TART Trail near the library in downtown Traverse City. The trail then loops around the northern shore and about 1/2 way down the western side.

The Boardman Lake Trail is about 3 miles long & mostly shady; the trail is a mix of pavement, hard-pack, crushed rock and wooden bridges.

Hull Park, on the northern end of the lake, is a few hundred feet east of the river; from that point on the river flows through downtown Traverse City. It's a long 1-mile paddle from Medalie Park to Hull Park, often into a north wind.
Platform launch on Boardman Lake

PLEASE NOTE: Tubing and/or swimming are not recommended in Boardman Lake due to its popularity with waterbirds and because of its past & current industrial uses.

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