Brown Bridge Landing

The former Brown Bridge Dam
The Brown Bridge Dam launch platform
 This launch site is located at the site of the former Brown Bridge Dam & power plant, about a 1/4 mile east of the intersection of Garfield Road & Brown Bridge Road. (Brown Bridge Rd becomes River Road west of Garfield Rd).

Brown Bridge Dam & Pond have been removed so a portage is longer required.

the temporary outhouse has been replaced with a permanent one
Additional parking & an outhouse has been added to the Brown Bridge Landing site.

There is no longer a boat launch in the big, shady parking area next to the former pond, but there is still a handicap accessible outhouse & viewing platform along with hiking trails. The entrance to the boat launch is directly across from Wadsworth Rd (a 2-track), which is several hundred feet east of the dam launch parking area.
Buck's Landing was once the boat launch on Brown Bridge Pond; 
the hill was part of the earthen dam and the power plant sat near the fenced area, 
the river is just out of sight down the hill 

The transition from former pond to river is uneventful

The section of the Boardman from the former dam to Shumskys is a little less than 7 river-miles of twists & turns maneuvering under several bridges. Much of the land bordering the river is private and there are many homes & cottages, but there are also stretches of uninhabited woodlands and meadows with ample opportunities for viewing wildlife.
Standing where the power plant once stood; the platform take-out is on the left (hidden by trees)
Shumskys DNR Launch is about a mile down Shumsky Rd (a dirt road) which is about 3 miles west on River Road from Garfield Rd and the Brown Bridge Dam launch. (Brown Bridge Rd becomes River Road west of Garfield Rd)

Brown Bridge & Shumsky roads are both dirt; River Road is a 2-lane black-top road with 45-55 mph speed limits, no paved shoulder and a few wicked pot-holes; use caution if a bike is your shuttle vehicle.

There are no campgrounds on the Middle Boardman.  There are more than 6 miles of trails through the Brown Bridge Quiet Area and just north of River Rd on Garfield Rd is Edwards Nature Preserve with a couple of trails.

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